Free Tiling Patterns

Over the years I’ve created thousands of tiling patterns, most of them made from my own photographs, using a combination of CAD to develop the underlying pattern, and custom Photoshop scripts to select and assemble the pieces seamlessly. I sell them as large works at Imagekind and RedBubble, as greeting cards at my family’s web site, and exhibit them occasionally. As large pieces, the primary interest is in the interplay between organic complexity at close view and the geometric order from a distance.

However, there are many uses for small repeating patterns made with this technique, including:

  • backgrounds and borders on web pages
  • poster borders
  • book covers
  • textures in paint programs
  • fabric or architecture patterns in 3D environments such as Second Life or video games
  • scrapbook backgrounds and borders
  • personalized gift wrap
  • printed quilting squares
  • tiling games and illustrations for math classes
  • refrigerator magnet art

I’m curious to see what uses people find for tiling patterns, so I’m providing the 300-pixel patterns on this page free of charge. I retain copyright, but you may use them as you see fit, so long as you do not bundle and re-offer them or claim them, unaltered, as your own. You may use individual patterns as part of commercial works and works for sale, and alter them as desired.

I would be very pleased if you would link back to this page with a credit such as Tiling Patterns by Douglas P. Hill, or Kaleidoscopic Designs by Douglas P. Hill, or Geometric Art by Douglas P. Hill, or any phrasing you prefer. This will help other people find the page, from your site and from search engines. If this undermines the integrity of your design, however, never mind.

If you’d like people to see what you’ve done, please post a link in the comments, below. If you create a tutorial showing a way to use these patterns, please comment and contact me, so I can feature the link.

Most of these designs also exist in much higher resolution. Contact me to discuss licensing or prints.

  • Click thumbnail for larger view, use left and right arrows to navigate
  • Right-click thumbnail and “save link as” to save the full-size image to your computer
  • Click image name to see a whole page tiled with that image

The first three are mix’n'match — identical along their edges; especially useful for borders where you want a complementary design at the corners.

The following 4 images are mix’n'match, too

Another wonderful resource for tiling patterns is DVD-Replica Media. Their site allows you to generate repeating tiles in your desired size and color, free of charge. Several designs are available. They are much less “busy” than my patterns and may be more suitable when you don’t want the background to be a distraction.

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