Out of the box Hello, I’m Douglas P. Hill of Etna, NH, USA, and this site is centered around my geometric art.

I’ve enjoyed making geometric art for at least 30 years, but this took on a sharper focus in 2004, when I began developing my personal tools to produce Patterns of ReflectionTM Geometric Art. This technique starts with a photograph or other artwork. Carefully selected triangles or other polygons are cut from it and arranged in a new pattern, so that at each edge, the piece of image is placed against its own reflection, like a kaleidoscope. Unlike a kaleidoscope, the reflection patterns can be complex and of multiple shapes, with some areas of great order and other areas of disorder. Other people make kaleidoscopic images using commercial tools, their own tools, or laborious effort in Photoshop, but I think I have explored this realm to a degree unmatched anywhere else today.

[Caveat: I realize people have used geometric art in a sophisticated ways for many hundreds of years, often with a fine sense of its effects on human perception. I'm not claiming enlightenment here! But I am an early explorer of the artistic possibilities in complex kaleidoscopic art opened up by the arrival of personal computers and digital cameras. If you've been working in this area, please let me know and I'll examine your work in these pages.]

Though I have had to use some math to accomplish this, my interest is not in the math itself, but in the beauty of the designs and their effects on viewers.

A wonderful quality of these designs is that they can produce a beautiful pattern at a distance, and intriguing details close up. This quality is a problem on the web. If I show an image large enough to reveal details, I’ve given it away. If I show a small version, there is no way to see the unique beauty of these designs. This site is an attempt to begin correcting that problem, by selecting some of the patterns I am selling on the Imagekind web site and isolating their details. I also try to describe what I see in them, and what other people have found in them.

In addition, I’ve discovered some other geometric artists whose work I admire. I’d like to present and review their work, too.

And finally . . . it’s a blog. I’ll probably be going on about ideas that strike me as interesting, too, whether they’re related to geometric art or not.

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