Alien Technology

In recent months I’ve been immersed in my new computational genetics job. I have been making new art: it’s only the “show and tell” part that has been neglected. Here’s a piece from this period that I like.

Alien Technology Geometric Pattern

Click on it to see an enlarged view.

Imagining seeing it for the first time, totally out of context, it seems to me like alien technology: highly structured and intentional, but to what purpose? Here are some closer views:
Alien Technology Geometric Pattern Detail 1 Alien Technology Geometric Pattern Detail 2 Alien Technology Geometric Pattern Detail 3 Alien Technology Geometric Pattern Detail 4 Alien Technology Geometric Pattern Detail 5

Here is the photograph that provided source material:
Alien Technology Source Photo

This pattern can be purchased at Imagekind. You may also be interested in some of my recent work at RedBubble.

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3 Responses to “Alien Technology”

  1. Sean Lewis Says:

    Hello, your geometric patterns are intense/amazing! What program are you using to create them? I have some patterns I designed on my blog:
    These are simpler and done in CAD or freehand mostly. check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks

  2. dhill Says:

    Sean, I love your patterns and I’d like to see more. Right now I’m at work chasing bugs, so I can’t study them as much as I’d like. Hope to steal some of your ideas! (or however it’s put politely, like Gain Insight into Geometric Possibilities) Much of the apparent complexity in my work comes from the source material. You can see the “Alien Technology” photo is a riot of shapes, colors and textures. The trick is finding a pattern that makes good use of what the source provides — and noticing potential in a pile of weeds and leaves.

    I use a combination of CAD and scripts I wrote for Photoshop. There’s a brief description at http//

    Thanks for introducing me to your work. I’d call the Wale patterns something with Meander in it. Sinuous Meander, maybe. Although that might suggest some kind of sinus condition.

    Houndstooth Pattern 2 suggests something I’d like to investigate — using color variations to suggest alternate visual organizations. Not something I can do from photos using my techniques, but possibly from constructions.

  3. Lara Says:

    that is amazing patterns, which you have just seen out there in the woods or in your nearest garden. I have never thought about this. You can get inspiration eveyrwhere

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