Geometric Design Products

In response to . . . well, because I wanted to, I’ve created some designs specifically for printing on clothing and other articles.  The first are black and white T-shirt designs, because, as my daughter Karin points out, Black is Cooler.  Which, once I get into the product mindset, strikes me as a pretty good slogan to put on a T-shirt.

Other colors are available for those to whom coolness is not supreme, or who work in the sun and find coolness too hot.

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2 Responses to “Geometric Design Products”

  1. Carolyn McPherson Says:

    I am fascinated by such geometric designs, and find your site wonderful. I trust you are familiar with the “azulejos” of Southern Spain, the magnificent tiles and amazing geometric walls and floors found in such places as Seville. And those Moorish artists had no protractors or compasses.

    Thanks for your captivating work.

  2. dhill Says:

    I hadn’t heard of azulejos, so I have begun to read about them. Thanks for the information. I lived in Italy as a child and visited Spain. I wish I could see it again with more geometrically-attuned eyes. From photographs the columns and ceilings of Moorish architecture seem overwhelmingly magnificent. I don’t understand why our culture is so limited. In some places the only interesting geometry I see is in sewer drains and covers.

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