Wheel pattern

The feedback I received on my contest entry candidates was tremendously useful. This is different from the responses I get at craft fairs, where people are often a bit anxious that expressing interest is going to lead to pressure on them to buy. It’s different from what I hear at art show openings, where the social atmosphere is so strong. It’s different from what I hear from my family, who have been surrounded by these things for years. This was thoughtful, reflective, personal, and I appreciate it very much.

What I’m hearing is that the people who enjoy the “window into a continuous pattern,” that I like so much, are a minority. Most people prefer a structure that is bounded within the frame, or at least has a strong relationship to the frame.

Many people enjoy juicier designs, with more colors, and interesting organic things happening in a size large enough to be seen while taking in the whole pattern. There are some whose primary enjoyment comes from the drier aspect of geometric interaction, but they are fewer. And they mostly emailed rather than posted, interestingly enough.

I’ve been working this snowy morning to develop a style of pattern that may be able to give pleasure to all these types of viewers. It is bounded within the frame, with a shape that readily allows one to project meaning (that is, you can easily imagine I actually mean something by it!). It has interesting geometric interaction at an easily visible level, but it also has room for a large section of the photograph, repeated only a few times, so that the organic details are easily visible. Color depends on the photograph, and it’s minimal in this first test design, but I thought you might enjoy seeing the first one.

First Wheel Pattern

Here’s number 2, with more color. Just beginning to explore how to get the most out of this template.


[update 2]
This is more intense. Good stuff in the wheel parts, could use more interest in the center, I think.


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