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Over at A Singular Creation they’re having an “Art Showdown Contest” with the theme “Geometric Shapes and Fractals”. Entries are due by March 14, 2008. You get to submit 3 images. I’ve whittled my choices down to 8. Could you help me get it down to 3? Let me know which ones you like best and which you think would be the strongest entries, if the two are different.

Pattern 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Pattern 4


Pattern 5

Pattern 6

Pattern 7

Pattern 8

[update 3/10/08]

My esteemed cousin Deborah Chistensen Secor is a pastel artist and teacher, so I asked for her opinion. Her response, in effect, was none of the above. Here are her candidates, followed by her comments.

Pattern 9

Pattern 10

Pattern 11


Pattern 12

Pattern 13

Pattern 14

I don’t know what the requirements are, but the images above are far more visually exciting to me. They have shape, color, contrast, repetition, variety, strong line, delicate line. They suggest things, tell me things and intrigue me. If you can send three, send one set of these…don’t mix them up! Hey—you asked! I figure I just muddied the water. More.

The ones on the link page are safe looking, rather conservative. Interesting but not POW! Not zingy like these. If you have to use those, then I guess # 6, 3, 5. but don’t—use these. Just my humble but firm opinion!

Hope it goes well!!


So, dear reader, what do you think? Votes and commentary are much welcomed.

[updated 3/11/08]

Let me include some of the images Betty Mackey mentioned in her comment below.

Pattern 15

Pattern 16

Pattern 17

Pattern 18


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13 Responses to “Help select contest entry”

  1. Meg Maker Says:

    3, 6, 8
    5 and 2 are runners up

    The top choices have complexity, subtlety, and a composition that breaks out of (transcends) the grid.

    Hope that helps. Hope you win!

  2. dhill Says:

    Thanks, Meg! It does help. I’m in a loop, going round and round. And you’re the first person ever to leave a comment in my blog! What a relief to have someone comment in the thing. It’s like guest towels — apparently they look too clean and fresh for the first person to use.

  3. Kristen Says:

    First, I have to say that I have an affinity for geometric art and I like all of the ones you’ve presented here very much! However, I have to agree with your cousin *smile* and like 9, 10, 11 the best for the same reasons she’s mentioned.

    The ones you picked would be REALLY great in one composition that had a grey-tan theme through it - then it would be the shapes themselves that would pop out. But to capture the most eyeballs, the tall pieces do it for me - they’re most unusual and have great geometry, but also break out of their own structure in exciting ways.

    My two cents, of course. :-) Good luck!!!

  4. dhill Says:

    Very interesting. Thank you Kristen. I rarely think to treat photos with that kind of transformation, it was just something I experimented with for a few weeks, and I never have it in mind when I’m taking photos. I’ll try exploring more in that direction. It’s a transformation that works well with masses of color, whereas most of my patterns work best if they have at least some lines in them.

    It’s also interesting because it’s the only transformation that has the entire source photo in it, once on the left and reversed on the right.

  5. Betty Mackey Says:

    Your work is so complex. No one could tire of it because it shifts around in the eye and one time you see this color or detail but notice something else the next time you look. After quite a bit of time looking, here’s my opinion (of the moment). I prefer numbers 3 and 6 of your choices, and numbers 9 and 11 of your cousin’s choices. I really like all the images you made of the New Mexico blue sky, balloon, and grass, such as the one you have on Imagekind called rrskygrassb. Imagekind moosemntn12643d_1 is cool, too. Also the colors in all the images you made of the barberry leaf photo are truly great. There’s a card GC05059 with this, for instance.I hope to see some of your images on canvas because it is hard to see everything in all its richness on the computer screen. Keep up the great work!!

  6. dhill Says:

    Betty, thanks so much for your comments. I need to come up with a plan for creating photos with rich and varied color which also satisfy the other requirements of this technique. It’s not enough to chance upon them. In 2003, the first year I had a digital camera, we were lucky to have a spectacular fall, and there was a riot of color to explore. Since then it has been much more muted. Thank goodness for nasty, invasive barberry! I squatted down in the middle of the big patch of it in our Walmart parking lot with my teensy tripod to get most of those.

  7. Ann Horn Says:

    My choices. Here is my two cents worth:

    6. The simple color scheme is eye-catching; the dark background showcases the light geometric shapes with a special effectiveness. The use of a variety of well-defined angles in the central motif makes for a bold and out-of-the-ordinary statement. It is somehow less ‘busy.’

    3. This image seems to draw the eye to the edges of the frame, and only secondarily to the center, which is a departure from the usual, which works very well in my opinion, as does the balanced contrast between linear and curvilinear forms.

    4. The subtle deviations from the predictable symmetry of the more the conventional designs causes one to stop, notice, and examine them, as well as to appreciate your contrasting color choices.

    All potential winners!

  8. dhill Says:

    Thanks, Ann. I’ve been amazed at how well patterns have worked from that picture of stones on the shore. It has such good gradients in it. I wouldn’t have thought there was enough to work with in the picture, but what is has happens to be lined up right.

    I will study your lovely way of describing patterns: so clear and convincing. I am tempted to say of number six, “It’s got spikes!”

  9. Ann Horn Says:

    Well, Doug, it does have spikes, if you see spikes.

  10. Avie Says:

    Hi Doug,
    I am so happy to see that you are branching out on the business side of things. Your work is so wonderful.
    I feel slightly insecure leaving my two cents as all the other commenters were much more eloquent and art-minded than I am bound to be. I have to agree with your cousin, though. I absolutely love 9, 10 and 11 the most. Then I would rank 12, 13 and 14. Next, 5,6 and 2.
    Again, I’m sure I have no idea about anything. Well, I do know what I like. I will peruse your new website in more detail in the near future as I would like to look at it again when my baby isn’t screaming in the background. Daylight savings has really made bedtime more stressful than usual.
    Take care and thanks for keeping me posted,

  11. dhill Says:

    Avie, my wealth is increasing two cents at a time! Thank you for helping me in these conditions. My first daughter’s 23rd birthday is today, and what is a lifetime to her doesn’t seem so long to me. (Some of the nights seemed pretty long, I vaguely recall.)

    Today has been educational for me. I have always liked number 9 very much. I didn’t include it originally because I was not sure it really qualified as “Geometric Shapes”. I haven’t had consistent feelings for 10 and 11. Number 12 I’m growing very fond of again.

    I’m so glad people are willing to share their reactions to these patterns. It feels like a housewarming party.

  12. Mimi Says:

    Hi, Doug -
    Thanks for inviting me to this forum of yours - it’s a fun “break” from work, looking at the wonderful visual images you’ve created.
    I vote for numbers 3, 6 and 12 - I always find delight in symmetry, and I feel these three show an eye-catching range of color, shape and texture. Keep after this art you’re doing - you’re creating very special pieces, it’s fabulous that you’re getting them “out there” for more people to enjoy.

  13. dhill Says:

    Hey Mimi, thanks for helping me pick! Really this has been a chance for me to submit them all to my own contest and not have to silently cull them, without any appreciation.

    Thanks to all the people who emailed me, too. I’ll probably make my choices tonight and submit them Friday morning, but anyone who still has comments, please feel free to add them to the thread at any time.

    Soon I’ll get back to writing new posts, looking at new patterns and showing the work of other artists I admire, so please come back and look from time to time.

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