Geometric Art moneya1616168c_4 in Detail

This fun pattern shows the beauty of US currency. Here are links to the pattern and source photo at Imagekind, where I sell my work:


In this design I’ve chosen not to repeat the basic tiling unit, because the interesting thing isn’t so much the interaction between parts, as the parts themselves. I want the details to be large enough to see. Also, having the green star in the middle and light circles in the corners anchors the piece well.

Here’s a detail of that central star (click on these to enlarge):

Detail 1

Isn’t the engraving pretty up close? I love that scrolling banner that seems to be flying in the wind before a sunset. And don’t the rims of the quarters make a clean, solid border around the central figure? Here’s the center of the star:

Detail 2

I love it! The text has turned structural and you can see how exotic the engraving really is on these bills. And look at the faint watermark star in the middle.

Here’s one of the delicate corner stars:

Detail 3

and here’s some dramatic coin patterning:

Detail 4

One if my goals in designing this pattern was to have the coin edges just kissing wherever possible, to make an interesting ripple effect in the border regions. Another thing I find interesting is how much the reflection of one coin will color another, or the bill beneath it. It’s hard to notice this without the pattern, because our minds (mine, anyway) relentlessly identify and categorize and separate.

Finally, look at the beautiful lighting on these fine coin and engraving details:

Detail 5

I’m not a trained artist, but doing “still life with money” is teaching me what still life is aboutreally seeing what your habitual thought patterns tell you is not worth looking at twice. Making choices about arrangement that tell you what you’re really looking for. Moving something in the light and seeing how it changes. And it is reinforcing what I already believed: if something is worth doing once, it’s worth doing 16 times in a circle!


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